What is a hydraulic system?


What is a hydraulic system?

The flow of all types of “liquids” used in the system, whether water or oil, are used as a medium for transferring power in the conversion of fluid power to mechanical energy. As a result, the hydraulic cylinder (Actuator or Hydraulic Cylinder) and the hydraulic motor (Hydraulic Motor) work.

Advantages of hydraulic systems

1. Easy to control mechanisms that requires a pivot point or a link that uses a lot of chain

2. The speed adjustment of the piston or hydraulic motor is easy.

3. doubling force

4. constant force

5. Set the amount of force you want to use.

6. Easy to control loading Help prevent damage and accidents caused by hydraulic equipment.

7. Controls work accurately, precisely and accurately.

8. Safe and easy to spot leaks.

9. It is a system that can maintain constant torque or force.


Important equipment in the hydraulic system

1. Without a power source, this system will not work. The most important thing in a hydraulic system is fluid. Therefore, the power supply in the hydraulic system is responsible for delivering fluid into the system. with electric motor or the engine allows the hydraulic pump to rotate and then sucked out the oil from the tank Then send it to the hydraulic system. which the required equipment consists of
  • Primary Component 
  • Storage and Treatment Component 
  • Transferring Component
2. What is important in the operating system is “Hydraulic motors” provide power in rotational form. control the flow direction of the liquid
  • Controlling Component
  • Actuator or Working Component
3. Piping system This system is indispensable. Because it is a system that transports liquids to processes such as oil pipelines. different types of joints and hydraulic lines
What is a hydraulic system?

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