Why Visit?

Reasons for Visiting

Opportunity to select technology automatic machinery A variety of new solutions to increase productivity reduce labor Increase the profitability of your industrial business

Check out the latest innovations in automation. packaging machinery warehouse management system solutions and integrated logistics, etc. from famous brands both in Thailand and abroad. Prepare to compete in full technology throughout the event for 4 full days.

Meet the machinery discount campaign with special promotions from exhibition booth exhibitors who are ready to reduce the price in full, the first event of 2024.

Hear visions and real experiences from expert gurus at the big seminar to adjust your industrial business strategies to cope with the current economy.

Participate in special activities from leading alliance organizations, both public and private sectors. ready to support a team of experts giving advice on investment matters development of organizational management system Modern production innovation technology for your industrial business.

Receive special loan offers to keep your business going from leading financial institutions.

Organized with FOOD PACK ASIA 2024, an exhibition for industrial products, food processing products, beverages, packaging, baking and bakery equipment Hotel and restaurant equipment, and WAREHOUSING & LOGISTICS ASIA 2024, the warehouse technology exhibition. Innovation and logistics solutions Product handling system - material, warehouse management system Conveyor transport equipment, forklifts, tools, transportation equipment and complete logistics.

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