Logistics hits a hot business trend after the Covid crisis

Logistics hits a hot business trend after the Covid crisis

     New Normal will enter the business Because consumers are the key to successful business Entrepreneurs must therefore constantly monitor consumer behavior. To make sure they are delivering what they want and agreeing to take out the money in exchange And while the world is facing an event that shakes the economy It is also the time when consumers change certain behaviors that may become part of daily life and is normal in the future. Future business trends may eventually have to adjust to consumer behavior.

     1. Health business Because people are becoming more concerned about hygiene and their health Health-related businesses are therefore now more important than the number of annual health inspectors is lower than they should be. Not only the elderly, but also the young working people who may have to consider the health even at a young age Businesses to watch for health-related issues like clean food Dietary supplement products To personal trainer and exercise Will definitely be a hot business

     2. Restaurant and delivery business The long spacing of social media plays an important role in making consumers behave differently. Clear the old belief that restaurants must have a storefront. Because we have been cultivated by online food ordering culture for some time Favorite restaurants that have been eating at a regular shop because there is no order to add to the application, still have to adjust to “Online storefront” and partner with various delivery businesses Cope with change In the future, there will be a new restaurant that opens online selling as a mushroom. To propose new options To consumers

     3. FinTech Business Group Attempts to drive “Cashless society” will begin to take shape. It’s not just banking applications that can pay for water, phone bills or even conduct transactions via mobile. But we can see that many companies are starting to have their own Wallet functions Allow consumers to circulate money there. However, the impact of this economic crisis will lead to a great global recession. People will save money to spend only what is needed. This type of business may require some services, such as installments, to encourage investment.

     4. E-Commerce businesses. The digital economy is coming faster than business people anticipated. How offline businesses need to adapt themselves to online presence in order to survive. By 2021, the person who can provide the most comprehensive services to the needs of consumers will become the superior cardholder. Have your own application With modern functions, easy to use, offering a one-stop service, one-stop service, like the Lazy Economy, which occupies the hearts of lovers Don’t have to think a lot And when a business can sit in the minds of consumers, that is, if thinking of x has to think of us It is difficult for anyone to topple.

     5. Logistics business With the growth of the E-Commerce business, the logistics business has been following closely with the increase of Demand, resulting in intense competition in product delivery. Consumers in this era Do not want to wait for a long time If you want more usage Convenience is the most important thing that is easily accessible. There is a delivery service to the front door. In addition, consumers expect you to deliver regardless of how bad the situation is. And deliver on time as specified, which is like a promise that you do not want customers to be disappointed

     6. Hotel and tourism business Humans are social animals. Being restricted in the freedom of meeting people Including traveling to various locations Makes us longing for a very significant interaction with the outside world As soon as the situation returns to normal The hotel and tourism business is hotly coming back for a period of time. But anyway There may be a major adjustment. In order to build confidence for guests in the matter of cleanliness and hygiene that is still haunted for a long time

     7. New normal online business will allow us to see this business grow more now and in the future. This online business is not just trading products online. But also including the opening of online teaching Or online entertainment sources including watching movies and listening to music as well

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Logistics hits a hot business trend after the Covid crisis

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