Thai auto parts And healthy products. After 1 year of expected sales of over 2,800 million baht

Thai auto parts And healthy products. After 1 year of expected sales of over 2,800 million baht

     The Department of International Trade (DITP) organized 3 online sourcing activities from the Office of International Trade Promotion in Miami, USA. The results show that success has exceeded expectations. There are 8 importers to negotiate trade with 28 Thai entrepreneurs and the result of trade negotiation is expected within 1 year to order 89,450,000 million US dollars or approximately 2,800 million baht.

     Mr. Somdet Somboon, Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) said that the products that have an appointment to negotiate online business this time. Consisting of automotive parts Expected to receive orders within 1 year up to US $ 88 million, health and sanitary products such as rubber gloves, medical peels, toilet paper and cloth masks etc. Expected to receive orders of $ 700,000, Food and ready-to-eat food products Expected to receive 500,000 orders and USD. Rice is expected to receive 250,000 orders.

     Ms. Nithima Siripokakij, Director of the Office of International Trade Promotion in Miami, states that the automotive parts group, Mando Corporation of America (MCA), is an importer and manufacturer of parts. Power transmission system Drive systems and brake systems from South Korea to enter the 10 million vehicles manufacturers in the United States per year have to find sources of import from other places besides China. Therefore, negotiating with 5 Thai exporters, agreed to trade within 1 year 88 million US dollars And if Thai exporters can enter the products as they wish Expect to order up to 101 million US dollars per year

     Health and hygiene products There are many entrepreneurs negotiating business with Thai exporters, including Productos Medicinales SRL from the Dominican Republic. Negotiating with 3 Thai exporters to purchase antibacterial clothing Disposable diapers, rubber gloves, USA Medical & Janitorial LLC negotiated with 1 Thai exporter to buy toilet paper for the kitchen and Maddy’s Print Shop LLC negotiated with 3 Thai exporters interested in buying hand cleaners, masks, cloths and toilet paper. Which is considered a product that has the potential to expand again Because there is a need to use it to fight against Covid-19, the ACC will continue to organize business activities in the future.

     For food products, Strumba Media LLC, a major producer and distributor Wholesale products are sold in over 15,000 leading supermarkets in the United States. Negotiating with 6 Thai exporters interested in ordering ready-to-eat food and Blue Roof Brands LLC negotiating with 4 exporters interested in importing coconut products from canned foods to There are still rice products that Bimnic Inc, a Colombian import-export company, has negotiated with 3 Thai exporters and agreed to buy Thai jasmine rice. And other types of rice

     Ms. Kwannapha Phinil, director of the Office of Foreign Trade Promotion in Los Angeles, USA, said that there was an Online Business Matching activity between 14 US importers and 32 Thai exporters. A total of 38 pairs have tradeable products such as food and beverages. Ready-to-eat food Frozen food Fruit (mangosteen) Dried fruit Snack Medical equipment accessories And pet food, etc. with a total value of approximately 30 million baht.


Thai auto parts And healthy products. After 1 year of expected sales of over 2,800 million baht

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