Hard shell alloy covered with a special polymer to create robots “get in the future”

Hard shell alloy covered with a special polymer to create robots "get in the future"

     Robots of the future appeared from liquid metal and formed into a human form. It may not be in the movie, The Terminator (The Terminator) or “Iron Man”, which is famous in many sequels only. Most recently, scientists have come one step closer to creating this advanced robot. With the invention of liquid alloys in the shell Which can be changed and restored to its original form over and over again when heated

     Report of the success of a team of mechanical engineering researchers from Binghamton University in the United States. Published in the journal Additive Manufacturing By indicating that Field’s alloy has been developed with Bismuth (Bi) and Indium (Sn) as components. Then packed in a special encased shell, made of elastomer material with a lattice structure, in which the new alloys or alloys will be in a liquid state When melted by a small heat at 62 degrees Celsius, it can be modified to change various shapes. Especially when it is wrapped in an elastomeric shell Which is a flexible polymer like rubber But can withstand high stress and easily return to its original shape when heated again Which the property that can be transformed and returned to its original shape Making the liquid alloy in the shell of the polymer highly flexible Can be applied in many areas From robotics engineering to space exploration

     Assistant Professor Pujang, research team leader said “The spacecraft may have crashed into an accident. While landing on the surface of the moon or Mars In which normal metals, once subjected to shocks, will become damaged, unusable again But the liquid alloy in the elastomer shell can remember its original shape And can be restored again and again Many times “

     The said material, which the research team says is “The first liquid metal lattice” in the world May also be utilized to fold various solid devices into smaller sizes And allowing it to be enlarged, restored to its original condition again when needed Of course, one of the ultimate goals of the invention of this cutting-edge material It was the invention of a liquid metal robot that changed its shape and moved itself in the blink of an eye. As in the movie The Terminator


Hard shell alloy covered with a special polymer to create robots “get in the future”

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