Opportunities and Challenges for Business and Industrial after Covid-19

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Opportunities and Challenges for Business Group and Industrial Sector after facing with Covid-19 situation in Thailand and around the globe.

Business group and industrial sector must seek the right way to adjust themselves to be survival in the highly competitive market. Covid-19 looks like the accelerated reaction of all businesses to adjust their business type by using automatic technology and digital system to enhance their production. No matter how your business type is small, medium or large scale, you have to be conscience as soon as possible, then find the right way as well as select the right Automatic technology which you can pay for it and use it efficiently. Whether it is a small and large hand tools, they have been developed to be easy to use and cheaper to bring in small hydraulic systems as part of the tools. Where we bring small hand tools to exhibit at the expo So you can try it out We also have air pumps, water pumps, drill saws, grinding machines, electrician work equipment. Power tools Metal cutting machine Sold from a variety of leading companies

New normal era may have an affect to your manufacturing processes directly or indirectly. That’s why your business has to increase your competency in your production line instantly.

  • Use automatic machinery, robot and AI in your business. Due to all of these Technologies can help saving your expenditure and using less time in your production line whereas automatic machinery is more accurate and help avoiding the infection.
  • Make standardization in your factory due to your factory can link every data of your production line and help saving your inventory as well.
  • Save our environment by using natural resources effectively and efficiently. Your business must emphasize on “ Go Green Factory “ by using less energy for saving the planet. If your business can do “ Go Green Factory”, your product as well as your brand will be in your customer’ mind.
  • Open your mind to learn new technology and get new idea by touching with the recent technology innovation at Thailand Industrial Fair 2021 which will be held on April 6-9, 2021 at Bitec. You will find the solution in New Normal era.
Opportunities and Challenges for Business and Industrial after Covid-19

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