The Expressway Authority of Thailand has declared the cost of the coastal port (Terminal A)

The Expressway Authority of Thailand has declared the cost of the coastal port (Terminal A)

     Lieutenant Kamolsak Phromprayoon, Director of the Port Authority of Thailand, revealed that the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) has opened a coastal terminal service. (Pier A) at the Laem Chabang Port (LCP) officially since February 2020, since the Laem Chabang Port has no specific coastal terminal. Causing the coastal ships to have to dock at the international terminal Temporarily Which causes problems of waiting for the entrance of the coastal ship at the international terminal Due to the international terminal has international cargo vessels Preventing coastal vessels from loading into inbound containers In order to deliver to the destination port in time with the needs of the product importer Which causes the burden of container storage and is a problem between importers Shipping line And international port operators continuously until now.

     Therefore, the opening of the coastal terminal operation (Terminal A) provides container transportation services between the international terminal to the coastal terminal (Terminal A) to solve problems and reduce waiting times for coastal vessels Play an important role in responding to government policies to accelerate the development of water transportation As well as encouraging the development of routes for the transportation network connection with the LCP to be more concrete. To change the mode of transportation (Shift Mode) from the road to the rail and waterway Which is the development and reducing the overall logistics cost of the country

     In this regard, the Authority of Thailand has collected the charges for lifting, loading and moving containers of the coastal terminal. (Terminal A) consists of container transportation activities between the international terminal to the coastal terminal (Terminal A) from the container truck into the container terminal of the coastal terminal (Terminal A) and loading and unloading cargo from the container yard to the container truck in front of the coastal terminal (Jetty A) and use the crane in front of the port to lift cargo onto the coastal boat In order for the coastal cargo vessels to receive inbound containers at the FTC to load the containers, the EXAT has announced the rate of loading and unloading of the containers at the coastal terminal. (Terminal A) at the rate of 1,545.- baht per container of all sizes, all statuses which are in effect Since 1 February 2019, and later, the CAT has announced the reduction of the burden rate from 20% to a rate of 1,236.- baht per cabinet of every size and status, which is the rate Calculated and reflected from the operating costs And approved by the Cabinet on 26 May 2015, which is the minimum rate at the initial stage of operation.

     In this regard, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is determined to develop the modern port infrastructure. To facilitate the transportation operators at Laem Chabang Port Support the transportation of products to foreign countries. And shorten the waiting time for coastal vessels that use international ports together with international vessels. As well as reducing transit time for importers from today Resulting in an overall cost savings Including reducing energy consumption Reduce traffic congestion Upgrade to be the main port for international shipping And is the main trade gate of the region

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The Expressway Authority of Thailand has declared the cost of the coastal port (Terminal A)

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