NIA accelerates the transition to the digital economy era. To the data economy era

NIA accelerates the transition to the digital economy era. To the data economy era

     National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA reveals the role of data driven innovation that the government needs to adapt to operations, including increasing the efficiency of public services. Helping with decision making and data validation Information exchange between departments Forecasting and forecasting various conditions Including the introduction of information innovation to access what people still lack And able to issue measures to increase the quality of life Indicate the current technological driving force Getting used to the term digital economy. Is about to be changed again to the word “The data driven economy”, which many organizations have to keep up with, is relying on large databases to drive business, economy and society, resulting in data-driven innovations worth more than gold.

     As for the NIA, it is prepared to take advantage of the said innovation through the foreseeable future. Analyze entrepreneurial potential, research, and infrastructure To project the future and promote innovation that is appropriate for Thailand

     Dr. Phan Artchairat, Director of the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), or NIA, says that the context of using data-driven innovation is essential to the work of the public and private sectors. Which can be seen that in the past year to present, many organizations, including government agencies And state-owned enterprises are continuing to push and drive such innovations continuously, such as in the outbreak of the Covid-19 disease. That has created a winning Thai platform Providing public check-in at various locations Along with collecting the density of people in each area In order to analyze the chances of recurrence or outbreak Or even bringing the infected person’s data to predict the future of the disease Ready to issue solutions for long-term problems

     In addition, data-driven innovations are necessary and useful for government operations. And many government organizations must be used for job development which is

– Applied in public health agencies Science Security In public service Especially collecting various statistics To issue warnings or service the people faster

– When the state can develop data innovation faster Will be able to make out measures for remedies Or develop economic and social quickly in accordance with the situation Resulting in people being more satisfied with their well-being than before. As well as make things that are never accessible or difficult to access Access to the population in each area more

– When data innovation is developed Or widely used Will help eliminate obstacles in the exchange of information between departments Allowing agencies that, even though they are not in the same sector, can work together more than ever before.

– The government sector needs to invest and use information innovation to help make decisions. And data validation To help the administration run efficiently and flexibly

– Helps to predict and predict various conditions To be able to cope quickly

     “The wave of technological change is driving the world quickly. Nowadays, everyone is used to the word that the digital economy is changing again to the concept of “The data driven economy” in which new things will emerge and many organizations have to keep up with is relying on a large database to drive business, economy and society, which are becoming more valuable than gold, oil and will Become another important resource of the world It is also an important thing that can lead to stability and growth of various things. In the long run, “said Dr. Phan May

     Dr. Chaithorn Limaphonwanit Director of the Institute for Innovative Foresight (IFI) said that “Data-Driven Innovation will be very important to national development. Because in the future, society is about to cross the digital economy into a data-driven economy. Currently, it can be seen that there is a lot of information, including personal information, corporate information, usage information Behavioral data This information will become something that government agencies and private sectors can use. To develop technology systems within the organization And formulating measures to support the needs or things that will occur in the future Having a database will also show you how to handle future issues. For example, from the situation of the covid-19 virus outbreak, which is considered to be a catalyst for many departments, whether in the field of science outbreaks. Economics and Social Studies Turned to pay more attention to the changes that will occur in the future Because in the future, the same things That society has to face will be different And change into a new context of lifestyle, known as “New Normal”

     For today, the use of data driven innovation in the public and private sectors In Thailand, divided into 2 phases: the conversion period from analog to digital (Digitization) because in some organizations do not have the budget. Or the expertise of the personnel to be used seriously The other term is Digital technology utilization process Which is the use of converted data in each context to create new value and value, such as the management platform in crisis, for example, NIA has made use of the innovation through the foreseeable future The Institute for Innovative Foresight (IFI) is used to analyze the potential of startup entrepreneurs, research on infrastructure Retrieve various directions That may affect the innovation that will occur in Thailand Including things that can be extended in the future. In addition, the Information Center for Innovation has been developed. In order to use the collected information to adapt to the policy Operational guidelines Continuing to promote innovation that is appropriate for the country. Ready to make the general public Government agencies, entrepreneurs understand the word information innovation As well as help analyze what is possible in the future that everyone must cope with

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NIA accelerates the transition to the digital economy era. To the data economy era

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