New Normal Way accelerating service robot market

New Normal Way accelerating service robot market

     Having to admit that in the past, Covid robots have been used for medical help to prevent the spread of the virus, but behind Covid robots there is an important role for the service sector. Especially department stores, coffee shops, cinemas in the reception service Provide information to customers As well as accepting orders To reduce the avoidance of touch Enhance safety and hygiene in accordance with the Social Distancing measures.

     Chalermpol Punnothok, President of CT Asia Robotics Co., Ltd., the pioneer of the robot industry in Thailand And the robot manufacturer “Pencil” revealed that Thai robot market is entering mass era And is part of the way of life in the New Normal era. In the past, Covid, the pencil robot Has grown by about 20%, which has been applied to help the public screening, temperature measurement Providing patients with food and drug delivery, pulse measurement in a medical facility after this will see the robotics business as the future. Which will see public organizations, private organizations, various office buildings Take the pencil robot To use for screening and measuring temperature instead of more people And saw the business sector using robots, pencils, for sales service The coffee food order is currently being tested for the use of a pencil robot to receive the Amazon coffee order.

     For pencil robots, it has been developed into version 4, in which artificial intelligence or AI is learned and is more intelligent. And with diverse abilities In addition to serving coffee food orders, in the past, Covid developed a pencil that has the ability to spray disinfectants. While the price trend is reduced by 15-20%. At this time, a small pencil robot has a starting price of 65,000 baht from 85,000 baht, while a large pencil robot Price reduced to 600,000 baht from 1 million baht.

      Mrs. Sivalee Buranasongkram, head of brand management department Advance Info Service Public Company Limited or AIS said that the new way of life after COVID-19, AIS has seen a form of service that enhances safety and takes care of hygiene that creates Trust for users In strict accordance with government measures, AIS has been involved in bringing the potential of networks and 5G technology, especially robots. Developed by the AIS Robotic Lab team to join to create a new standard for resilience and side by side with business and Thai society To allow all sectors to move forward with the new normal lifestyle, so that customers and Thai people can live and do leisure activities outside the home Create peace of mind Allowing Thai people to balance their lives with happiness and security

     During the Covidis AIS period, the installation of 5G and the delivery of 23 ROC medical robots in 22 hospitals, while the unlocking phase down, AIS joins Central World Partners, Major Cineplex. Max, SF, The Mall Group, Central Embassy and Thailand Mobile Expo 2020 bring intelligent robots working on LIVE Network 5G to help screen screening duties. Temperature measurement Reduce close contact And prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 second round, which has now delivered 21. In addition, there are beverage robots using 5G technology and intelligent 5G robot “MAX”, a high-tech waitress to manage the queue. Serving drinks And inquire about customer satisfaction at the AIS 5G Cafe Pop Up Cafe

New Normal Way accelerating service robot market

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