Graphene-coated cloth for antibacterial masks

Graphene-coated cloth for antibacterial masks

     The experts at Graphene Haydale and IRPC Public Company Limited are working together to develop Hayden’s graphene-coated fabric for medical and related use.

     According to the search results, the Thai Textile Industry Development Institute (THTI) has tested on coated fabrics that are able to protect against over 99.3% bacteria. After 10 washings, the institute further plans to develop a fabric mask that is added. graphene-functionalized Which is washable and washable and the properties of research fabric such as the efficiency of virus filtering (VFE), UV protection and EMC protection

     “It is good to see that these products benefit from our core work processes. Which we focus on the antibacterial characteristics of Printing and oily ink that can be used to produce healthy PPE, “said Haydale CEO Keith Broadbent.

     The story is based on Haydale’s content with editorial changes from Materials Today. The views expressed in this article do not have to be Elsevier’s representative.

Graphene-coated cloth for antibacterial masks

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