Covid pushing paint repair – Benz TTC body increases by 16%

Covid pushing paint repair - Benz TTC body increases by 16%

     Benz TTC, the major dealer of Mercedes-Benz Thailand reveals the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus Customers rarely use the car to travel. Therefore sending the car to come to maintain at the service center, including the amount of “Paint-Body Repair Benz” increased

     “The customers bring more cars to use with the paint repair center and the Mercedes-Benz TTC. From 300 vehicles per month, now increased by more than 350 vehicles (up 16%) and continue to increase continuously. Our center can support up to 500 cars per month. “Mr Akarin Tangtawisit President and CEO of TTC Motor Co., Ltd., the official distributor of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG.

     Mr. Akarin continued that “Every step of the work emphasizes quality, standards TTC experts Must pass specialized training in each model With officers Which has received a standard certificate from Germany In almost every Mercedes-Benz series And Mercedes-AMG. Currently, the paint-body repair center has a total usable area of ​​approximately 5,000 square meters with a total of 70 personnel with a total of 50 repair channels. We also have a car paint quality inspection tunnel. That has already been repaired Before delivering to the customers as well “

Covid pushing paint repair – Benz TTC body increases by 16%

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