Commerce pushes Thai textiles to the world market with the concept of circulating economy

Commerce pushes Thai textiles to the world market

     Department of International Trade Promotion Launching the Thai fabric product development project to the world market with a revolving economy. The pilot plans to develop 30 products, revealed in September, launched at TEXWORLD PARIS. Expected to increase revenue for Thai textile businesses by 10%, creating economic value of not less than 50.

     Somdet Somboon, Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion, revealed that the global economy is likely to slow. Increasing competition in trade As well as the spread of Covid-19 Affecting trade and exports in many countries, including Thailand The textile and garment industry during the 4 months from January-April. By 2020, exports of textiles and clothing were valued at 2,032.5 million dollars, down 10.7%, which is divided into textiles exports of $ 1,280.4 million, down 13.4%, and exports of clothing were valued at $ 752.1 million. Down 5.8%

     From the above situation, the Department of International Trade Promotion Therefore collaborated with the Thai Textile Industry Development Institute Providing opportunities for learning and product development and creating added value for products for entrepreneurs in the textile industry Apparel and lifestyle by carrying out a project to develop Thai fabric to the world market with the new circular economy concept (Circular Economy) of the textile industry. Thai clothes and lifestyle To revive exports in the Thai textile industry

     “The project aims to create value added products under the concept of biological economy Revolving economy And green economy (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) with the application of technology, innovation and creativity to extend the product life cycle. In order to use resources most efficiently Free of waste and pollution throughout the production process. And having a modern trade model that meets the needs of the global market combined with local identity. To reduce costs and increase revenue, along with the opportunity to expand into new businesses by creating sustainable trade Strengthening competitiveness while protecting the environment And consumer protection This is one force that helps stimulate the economy and strengthen Thai entrepreneurs sustainably, “said the Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion.

     The project has 13 participants, which will develop products under the concept of renewable economy, totaling 30 products, which will be used to open the market at a trade fair in Paris. Foreign country Around September Expected to create Thai economic value of not less than 50 million baht.

     Mr. Chanchai Sirikasemlert, director of the Institute of Textile Industry, said that the institute is another organization that aims to support the circular economy concept to enhance production capability. Able to develop products to meet the needs of the high-end market (Focus on differentiation) In the project There are key success factors for circular economy in product development, consisting of

1. Sustainable materials: selection of natural materials and materials Or the process for recycling / environmental protection

2. Sustainable processes: The use of production processes and the development of creative industrial products in new ways that have the least effect on production.

3. Waste reduction: Zero waste management Including maintaining the efficiency of the system Designed to avoid negative externalities.

4. Local production: production and development of creative industry products By using locality as a driving force Both production and consumption To produce in Thailand and

5. Crafts Community: Focusing on community enterprises and indigenous creative industries To create employment and income in the community

    Which the institute will focus on the development of new products Create higher value-added Making a difference with the above concepts At the same time, when the product has been developed Will be tested in the TEXWORLD PARIS market in September 2020 in order to listen to the resonance of the target consumer for improvement. Before actually released And arrange business negotiations to increase sales channels

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Commerce pushes Thai textiles to the world market with the concept of circulating economy

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