Electric vehicles Coming for sure after the Covid Crisis

Electric vehicles

     Mr. Krisda Uttamot, Vice President of the Thai Electric Vehicle Association (EVAT), revealed that although the Covid-19 will cause some manufacturers to stop temporarily. But the distributors, agents and service centers of each brand are still open for service in Thailand. And when Thailand began to return to normal Various industries, including automobile and electric vehicle factories, will be fully reopened. Which the electric motor industry will be one of the industries that will be strong after this Covid crisis

     “Although the Covid-19 will cause oil prices to drop But people are beginning to realize the importance of adapting to the future. Under a new way of life that needs to be more concerned about air, environment and sustainability, “said the vice president of the EVAT Association

     In this regard, the Thai government has set a goal to use 250,000 electric vehicles, 3,000 electric buses and 53,000 electric motorcycles in 2025. If it is normal, the progress of the electric vehicle project in the country will be seen. But with the situation of Covid-19 Causing temporary disruption For the business to maintain liquidity

     “From the perspective of the association We may see some delays in investment by entrepreneurs. But the association is still optimistic that if there are concrete measures to support electric vehicle users Will see the steady growth of the industry in the future Because, however, various countries The world will continue to implement a plan to reduce CO2 emission, reduce PM 2.5 dust, including a greenhouse gas reduction action plan. Thailand has announced a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20-25% from the level of emissions. Greenhouse gases in the normal case by the year 2030, which will be a sustainable development that the automotive industry can truly help.

Electric vehicles Coming for sure after the Covid Crisis

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