Diamond-like carbon coating

Diamond-like carbon coating

     Other coatings Prepare to face the challenge of using That must be resistant to wear and tear Being hit in the world of some types of films that are wear-resistant Diamond-coated carbon (DLC) is the best solution for physical applications that require components under high load or high friction / high wear. And contact with other parts of this type of environment Equipped with a corresponding low coefficient of friction that can only protect parts from Loss or wear from friction

     DLC coating is widely used in the automotive business. Including racing cars Aircraft turbine engine And various gear sets Stainless steel cutting blade And piston pumps for the food processing industry And the packaging industry Coating is also a proven technique for upgrading major components in hydraulic drives, fuel injection systems, pumps and valves.

     For most DLC coatings it is amorphous carbon (a-C: H) coated with hydrogen. But it is a misunderstanding The DLC coating is well engineered based on the hydrogen basis. (Hydrogen-free) Selection of metal and non-metal coatings Has been used as an option to look at the integration and the formation of bonds

     Due to the wide range of customizable properties of DLC coatings and plays an important role in component engineering. From the earliest stages of the design process

     “The features can be customized to meet the performance requirements of different working conditions. Therefore, coating should not be a later design. But the key components of the component design method at first are to get the most out of the system’s maximum efficiency, “said Dr. Florian Rovers from Oerlikon Balzers, the manufacturer of specialty DLC coatings for parts in North America and around the world.

Diamond-like carbon coating

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