“Online lab” How to do?

"Online lab" How to do?

     Amid the chaos of online learning in the Covid era There are still words of consolation that “It’s just a trial period” and if you continue to study science experiments online too “Is this true or just a dream?” In the past, science experiments had to be done in the laboratory. But now, just having a computer and the internet can learn online by yourself in the ‘Remote Laboratory’ and ‘Virtual Reality Laboratory’. Get to know online learning through remote laboratories and science experiments using virtual computer technology.

     The online learning method closest to science experiments in the laboratory is the Remote Laboratory, in which students will conduct real experiments by sending online commands to devices that control science tools to perform certain tasks, such as pouring or Stirring substance etc. similar to forcing the robot arm to work as desired This method requires the use of chemicals, equipment, and glassware. Only students do not have to handle those things by their own hands. Which can be conducted in a remote area, wherever, whenever or wherever And can also record the experiment via a webcam to send the results to the teacher as well But there are limitations that students will not experience the working atmosphere in a real laboratory Does not smell chemicals, hot steam from the stove, does not need to prepare and clean the equipment on the operating table, as well as some skills such as weighing and measuring substances. In addition, learning through a remote laboratory is costly to Manage And the experimental problems that the students can study are quite limited

     Another online science experiment uses virtual computer technology, which is called the Virtual Reality Laboratory, in which students will experiment with software programs. No use of chemicals or scientific instruments, so do not worry about safety. Plus, online learning with this method is less expensive than the other methods. However, experimenting with computer programs will make students completely disconnect from the actual working conditions in the laboratory. Not practicing to solve immediate problems. In addition, the only problem that students can do is a simple experiment

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“Online lab” How to do?

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