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Thailand Industrial Fair 2021

Exhibition of technology that presents industrial machinery, CNC machinery, packaging machinery and the use of packaging and storage technology. Industrial storage systems The complete production for entrepreneurs, industrialists in both the country and the ASEAN region.

Highlights TIF 2021

  • The first industrial machinery fair of the year Total discount offer to buy machinery up to 30-70%
  • 1,200 product booths, technology, machinery, equipment, tools And complete industrial products
  • Participants from various countries such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China Pavilion
  • Demonstration of the genius production line Show innovation in automation and robots Machine technology championships from leading Thai brands And abroad
  • Exclusive Business Matching Activity Business matching To connect trade opportunities And creating a business network for entrepreneurs Effectively
  • Seminar activities And special lectures Add new knowledge by expert gurus from 50 organizations, which entrepreneurs And industrialists shouldn’t miss

Robotics Cluster Pavilion

  • Thai-German Institute Support the Robotics Cluster Pavilion at TIF 2020.
  • You will find the robot technology and various automation. And a clinic for consultation by experts from the Center of Robotics Excellence (CoRE) who are ready to advise industrial operators of all sizes, up to the SMEs level, in choosing SI to help solve problems. And improve production to be an automated system
  • Give advice on various supporting measures from the government such as investment promotion Tax benefits And many other services
  • Special in the event Entrepreneurs should not miss to be registered as an industrial and mechanical automation automation. Free fee 2,500 baht

Solve answers to all business questions with SSRC

  • A team of expert consultants from the support center and the rest of the SME SSRC will answer questions, help solve problems And providing consultations In management, planning and business rehabilitation
  • Advising on debt restructuring Including starting a new business after the crisis And forward it to the relevant department
  • Consulting services and listening to ways to open up business opportunities free of charge. By the support center And the rest of the SMEs SSRC

Project loans from financial institutions No more worries about expanding SME bank business. 30,000 million baht

  • Loan SMART SME 4.0, a project that will be developed And expand the business For industries of all sizes
  • Credit for machine modification And employment loans Total budget of over 30,000 million baht
  • Loans from many financial institutions (The details of the loan request are subject to the bank’s determination)
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