“Sales of electronic appliances – gadget products” on the internet have grown in tandem with the concern of Thai people’s expenses.

"Sales of electronic appliances - gadget products" on the internet have grown in tandem with the concern of Thai people's expenses.

    From the situation of the spread of the corona virus (Coronavirus) has caused the world economy to recede a lot. The business operations of companies, large and small, in many countries are disrupted. Due to the epidemic control measures in each country that are tightening and causing the production line to be unable to import parts and open production plants normally.

    “Wave Maker” explores global consumer behavior changes during the outbreak of the COVID-19, including the impact on the appliance industry. And electronics that will focus on personal items Like mobile phones, televisions and computers, etc.

     In the context of Thailand, Athirat Hutahasingha, Director of Innovation and Technology, Wave Maker (Thailand) said that even though Thais are more concerned about cost planning in the past 2 months. But data from Wave Maker’s e-commerce And Group M found that “The e-commerce industry in Thailand has grown by 150%.” Although sales of electrical goods And electronics that used to be the top 3 most popular products on e-commerce will fall down. Due to the awareness of consumers that have changed to pay attention to health products and protection from virus infection But the data of Group M that works closely with the partner platform Therefore, we can still conclude that sales on e-commerce for electrical goods in Thailand are still growing. Which is different from the overall context of the world

    Overall, Thai e-commerce And the factors that make electrical product sales And electronics on the e-commerce platform continues to grow due to

1. In the era of the COVID-19 epidemic, Thai consumers have increased access to online information. That means the number of people who have access to more advertising media. But on the other hand, notice that the number of ads is not increasing by the number of viewers That’s why the cost of advertising (CPM) is reduced and is good for brands that want to approach consumers at this time.

2. Another important trend that can help brands to easily approach consumers is Creating online content via branded media (Influencer) of choice. Influencer is now a media and people who can directly relate to consumers. The more an brand can use an influencer to create content that is more responsive to consumers, the better it adapts to the new situation, and the easier it will be to be shared and distributed. It is an opportunity to create a demand (Demand) to buy products.

    “Working from various campaigns for clients, Wavemaker has found that there are new influencers these days every day. Which is a huge challenge for both brands and marketers how to choose the right way And to enable marketers to choose more efficiently, Group M and its affiliates have developed an influencer search system through the Influencer Business Performance Development Group (INCA) that uses the Little Crawler technology or a small robot to connect. Influencer tents make Wave Maker GroupM’s other agencies also increase the advantage of being able to create the right influencer marketing for each client’s campaign and help turn each influencer follower into a brand consumer. Through technology and measurable data under the license of Group M, “said Athirat.

    “Finally, regardless of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus When will it run out? The thing that marketers have to consider is to prepare to face changes in both the lifestyle habits of consumers. In terms of doing business both inside and outside the country Therefore, everyone must adjust themselves to adjust their views, including adjusting the strategic plan to suit the current situation. In order to move forward and create efficiency and effectiveness in doing business as much as possible In this regard, marketers must not forget about the support of working with society that can extend business opportunities in the future as well.


“Sales of electronic appliances – gadget products” on the internet have grown in tandem with the concern of Thai people’s expenses.

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