Choose the printer that is right for you.

Choose the printer that is right for you.

     The printer is therefore divided into several points to ensure confidence in the previous use, such as using the printer to print only documents and general text. Graphic images or prototype photos

The printer that is currently used are 2 types as follows

1. Laser Printer is a printer that is suitable for heavy duty printing and frequent use. Which is commonly used in organizations or offices That focuses on paperwork Because this type of printer will give you the best print quality If used for printing, the quality may deteriorate if compared to an inkjet printer. But still within acceptable criteria

2. Inkjet printer (Inkjet Printer). This type of machine will have the advantage of using less energy. And the printer price is cheaper than laser type printers Focus on color image printing Or work that emphasizes the sharpness of the image Another outstanding feature is Often have many different functions to use Makes it more convenient And also suitable for when all devices can be connected or linked to each other, whether installing a card slot or printing directly from a digital camera And smart phones easily, without having to plug in the connection to be a waste of time

     There is also 3D printers, originally developed from the Inkjet Printer, but are different in that the output will be in the form of 3D work. Often use various models that require details That can be seen all around Considered a new innovation that helps us work more easily.


Choose the printer that is right for you.

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