Exhibitors list 2022


MODERNCHA CO.,LTD. Booth No. :      Modern Chart Company, a new concept contractor Emphasis on fairness to customers, beautiful, economical, excellent quality, value for money, import and export business All types of floor materials, including contractors, procurement, procurement, equipment, tools, technicians Prefabricated houses, including building systems, electrical systems, safety systems sanitary system with a […]

Bangkok Advanced Technology Co.,Ltd.

Bangkok Advanced Technology Co.,Ltd. Booth No. :      Batco distributes and imports high-efficiency disinfectant solutions for bacteria and germs. Hospital grade premium Certified by Belgian standards, including importing and distributing standardized medical diagnostic equipment be safe Get accurate and fast results.      Our products are trusted by hospitals, government agencies, schools, child care […]

Solution Express Co.,Ltd.

Solution Express Co.,Ltd. Booth No. : H23      Distributor of tools/equipment/consumables For professional automotive service centers that focus on the environment of Thailand and the world, there are also products, tools, equipment for various industrial applications such as high-temperature lubricants. Intelligent ladder made of aircraft aluminum industrial vacuum cleaner Professional identification tools industrial torch, […]

Keyence (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Keyence (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Booth No. : P49      Distributor of sensors, measurement systems, laser markers, microscopes and machine vision systems worldwide. KEYENCE is a leading company in factory automation. We are committed to developing products that are both innovative and reliability to meet the needs of every customer industrial group. Contact​ Address : […]

SP Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

SP Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No. : K39      Distribute high quality products such as cameras, lenses, LED lights, software and peripherals for industrial applications and automatic product quality checks. To meet the needs of entrepreneurs who want to design a vision system by themselves or want a finished product inspection machine to […]

Great Corner Invent Tech Co.,Ltd.

Great Corner Invent Tech Co.,Ltd. Booth No. : P51      Vehicle tracking system (GPS Tracking System) by a device to locate coordinates via satellite. and transmit data through the mobile phone network Users view from the program showing the car’s position on the map in Real time, suitable for freight vehicles. To reduce costs, […]

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