Greenplus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Distribute and manufacture equipment to help reduce labor for transporting or moving heavy items such as

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Great Corner Invent Tech
Great Corner Invent Tech Co.,Ltd.
GPS Tracking System by satellite locating device to locate coordinates via satellite.

Booth No. : 

Konnix International Co., Ltd.

Specialist in epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea floor systems and polished concrete floors

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Keyence (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Distributor of sensors, measurement systems, laser markers, microscopes and machine vision systems.

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SP Vision Technology
SP Vision Technology Co., Ltd.

Selling products such as cameras, lenses, LED lights, software and peripherals for industrial applications.

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My Industrial & Supply
My Industrial & Supply Co.,Ltd.
stretch film, corrugated plastic both sheet type and design to order and produce a box or work as a compartment for parts

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Material World
Material World Co., Ltd.

Distribution of goods and logistics products for transportation and export with more than 10 years of experience

Booth No. : B10-B18

Thai-Lian Forklift Co.,Ltd.

Forklifts for sale, rent, repair, including maintenance services. and training for those who use it.

Booth No. : B28-B36

Vorawat Wire Products Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Wire products, pallets for storage and transport, refrigerator shelves, laundry baskets, drawer baskets.

Booth No. : D23-D26

Wise Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Wise Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Battery Tracks, Chargers, Forklift Trucks, Handpallet Trucks, Forklift Spare Parts and Equipment

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Reentech Co., Ltd.

Providing services on all floor systems Both work in the area related to industrial factories.

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Tropical Bio Pallet Co.,Ltd.

molded pallet to industrial factories, warehouses, logistics for storage and delivery

Booth No. : 

Utile Engineering International Co., Ltd.
Design, supply and installation of temperature and humidity control systems

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Denki Kakaku Co.,Ltd.
Denki Kakaku Co.,Ltd.

Factory electrical equipment, consumer unit, control cabinet equipment, motor control device

Booth No. : 

Kleanz Asia Co., Ltd.

Industrial vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, floor scrubbers, high-pressure cleaners, cleaning machines

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Kuraray (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

A leader in air permeability technology. and gas with resin products and film

Booth No. : AA4

บริษัท เอ็ม เอ็ม โกลบอลเทรด จำกัด
M.M. Global Trade Co., Ltd.

Robot vacuuming and mopping the floor electric massage chair with technology state-of-the-art massage

Booth No. : BB1-BB2

Proplus Corporation Co.,Ltd.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Calibration Instruments, Industrial Automation

Booth No. : 

Lucky Star Weaving
Lucky Star Weaving Co., Ltd.

Woven plastic sacks, Uncoated plastic woven sacks, Round woven plastic coated woven sacks.

Booth No. : B52, B53

SFC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer, importer and distributor of pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and air pump products.

Booth No. : C22, C25

U.P.E. Engineering
U.P.E. Engineering Co., Ltd.

Air compressor, Oil flood system, Oil less, Air dryer, Air pump booster, Nitrogen generator

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Solution Express Co.,Ltd.

Distributor of tools / equipment / consumables For professional car service centers

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 นิปปอน เคมิคอล จำกัด
Nippon Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Chemical fire extinguishers, filling fire extinguishers, water pumps, automatic fire extinguishing systems

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Chan MR Group Co., Ltd.

Water tanks are available in sizes from 5,000-100,000 liters, suitable for office buildings, factories, hotels, housing estates, markets, community sources

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Quikframe System Co.,Ltd.

Quikframe Specialist Shop Accessories marketing promotion equipment booth equipment finished stage

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TM Industry Co., Ltd.

Leader in production and Selling products for storage and delivery

Booth No. : C1-C9

Bangkok Advanced Technology Co.,Ltd.
Distributing and importing high-efficiency bacteria and germ-killing liquids Hospital grade premium.

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Moderncha Co.,Ltd.

New concept contracting company Emphasis on fairness to customers, beautiful, economical, excellent quality, value for money, import and export business all kinds of floor materials.

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