After the Covid-19 crisis, robots will replace more human labor

After the Covid-19 crisis, robots will replace more human labor

     The current trend of using robots in production is continuous. But after the outbreak of covic-19 Causing many businesses to use more robots in both production and service Until the analysis of various trends that from now on, robots will be used to replace more human labor

     Many analysts say that No matter what happens, robots will replace human labor. But the crisis from the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus Is also a catalyst for many businesses to use robots for faster service

    Martin Ford, futurist Which writes about robots that will be assimilated into the economy in the next few decades Said that people often say that they want to feel some humanity in transactions, but Kovid-19 changed this view

“Covid-19 is changing the popularity of consumers. And will open the way for new opportunities for automation. “

    Companies, large and small, are increasing their use of robots in response to keeping social distances. And reduce the number of employees who need to work In addition, some robots are used that humans cannot do at home.

    Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States Use robots to scrub the floor. In South Korea, robots are used to measure temperatures and distribute sanitizing gels.

Reasons to use more robots

Robot cleaner

Cleaning and sanitizing products are in demand in the market. UVD Robots, a Danish company that produces ultraviolet disinfection robots Ship hundreds of items to hospitals in China and Europe. Groceries and restaurants that offer open-air services also use machinery. In which experts say When the business opens again Expect to see more and more technological uses Which may have seen cleaning robots at school or office

“Right now, customers are more concerned about the safety of themselves and their employees,” said Blake Morgan, author of The Customer of the Future. Using mechanics worries about health. And customers want to pay for companies that do this

To maintain social distance

The food service business is another branch that uses more robots. To prevent health problems McDonald’s began to experiment with robots to cook and serve in the shop. Including jars that have warehouses like Amazon or Walmart Use robots to improve work efficiency Which the outbreak of Covid-19 This makes both companies increase the use of robots in sorting, shipping and packaging.

Martin Ford says that using robots after the crisis, Covid-19 There are marketing benefits too. “People will choose to have fewer employees and more machines. Because they feel that overall it is less risky, “he explained.

Virtual reality

At this time, the brain has been developed to replace tutor work. Fitness trainer Or even a financial advisor Large technology companies are expanding the use of robots. Both Facebook and Google rely on brain technology to delete posts with inappropriate messages. Because employees who manage company content can’t access certain types of content from work at home.

Many people who are skeptical about robots believe that humans perform better in this type of work. But this idea may be changing. Because of locking down makes people become accustomed to long-distance communication The on-screen trainer or adviser doesn’t have to be a real person, but must be able to think and act like a real person.

In line with the McKinsey report Global consulting firm in 2017 had predicted that by 2030, about a third of workers in the United States will be replaced by mechanical labor. But the epidemic situation may change the timeline completely And experts say that in the end, it’s up to humans to decide how they want to integrate technology into this world.

After the Covid-19 crisis, robots will replace more human labor

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