The 2nd TIF and Food Pack Asia 2019 will be held in Hall 1 at Khonkaen International Convention & Exhibition Center (KICE) in Khonkaen province. They are a 3 day events which will be held during August 16-18, 2019 at 10:30 -19:00 hours. These 2 events are for Business owners, entrepreneurs, engineers, purchasers as well as interested persons who live or have workplace in the North-Eastern of Thailand.
Food Pack Asia 2019 and TIF 2019 are the perfect exhibitions for everyone to search for innovative technology of industrial machinery, food machinery, beverage machinery, packaging machinery, equipments & appliances as well as industrial products.
These 2 events will be the key platform which gathers both innovative manufacturing technology and the latest solutions from manufacturers, distributors, and importers to serve you at home in the North-Eastern of Thailand. You shall meet all kinds of beverage and food processing machinery, packaging machinery, machinery for pharmaceutical industry, herbal supplements from several leading brands, bakery equipments, and kitchen appliances for hotel, restaurant and franchise business. Moreover,
Entrepreneurs, purchasers, and engineers can shop and buy a lot of products within our 2 events, such as, manufacturing machinery, shelf, forklift, material handling equipment and logistics system, safety accessories, embroidery machine, hand tools, and other services. You can search for high quality products from over 200 shops at a very special price (30-70% off) within our 2 events. We also have several interesting activities waiting for you all to expand your business network and find out the best solution for your business as well.
Activities Highlight :
We present interesting concepts, and how to utilize innovation and technology as much as we could for adding high value to your products in
Northeastern Thailand.
  • Innovation for adding high value to food processing product in Food Innovation 4.0 era. Attending the demonstration of automatic Machinery technology when adding high value to your food product, beverage, and confectionery.
  • Capacity Demonstration of Industrial Machinery, Beverage and Food Processing Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Herbal Supplements from several leading brands.
  • Smart Packaging for Future Food & Beverage Industries.
  • Learn techniques to sell your products on the online channel effectively.
  • All business owners shall have a chance to consult with the experts from Industrial Promotion Center Region 5 in our Food Pack Asia 2019. You can start with your prototype product development and go to the upper level of producing them in the factory.
  • Attend “Business Matching Activities” in our events for selecting technology and innovation required for your business.
  • Famous chefs in Khonkaen province will teach techniques how to
    cook delicious food for interested persons for free of charges during
    a 3 day event.
TIF 2019
Types of product for our exhibition
  • Machinery, Metal Working Machinery
  • Plastic Injection Machine, Automatic Blow Molding Machine
  • Shelf, Material Handling Equipment
  • Embroidery Machine
  • Hand Tools, Safety Accessories
  • Pneumatic, Hydraulic Equipment, Pumps, Valves
  • Electrical Accessories, Electronics, Induction Motor, Switch Board Cabinet
  • Automatic Door, Sliding Door, Cold Room Door
  • Air Compressor
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Metal Detector
  • PVC Strip Curtain
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Bolt-Nut –Hand Tools
  • Industrial Brush
  • Material used in Factory
  • Wastewater Treatment and Pollution Prevention
  • Refrigeration
Food Pack Asia 2019
Types of product for our exhibition
  • Beverage and Food Processing Machinery
  • Grinding Machine, Meat Slicing Machine, Vegetable Cutter Machine, Fruit Cutter Machine
  • Packaging Machinery, Packaging Technology
  • Label Printer, Barcode Printer
  • Pharmaceutical Machinery, Capsule Packing Machine, and other appliances for Pharmaceutical Industry, Herbal Supplements
  • Bakery Equipment, Bakery Machine
  • Cookie Making Machine, Food Moulding Machine
  • Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine and Drinking Water Processing Line
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Packaging for Food Industry, such as, paper, box, tray, plastic bottle, plastic bag, labeling, stretch film, foam cup
  • Kitchenware, Equipment, and Appliances for hotel, restaurant, and food shop businesses
  • Automatic Frying Machine, Oven, Griller, Microwave
  • Blender, Slow Juicer
  • Raw material for food and beverage
  • Beverage and Food Franchise businesses
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