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Hi-tech machines & innovation rule in Thailand Industrial Fair
Modern machinery and innovation plus Thailand Robot Fighting Competition inspire industrialists and businesses on their business vision and success in Thailand Industrial Fair 2016
Huge crowds of Thai and foreigners gathered at Thailand Industrial Fair 2016 recently held at Bangkok’s BITEC Exhibition Center for several good reasons. And obviously, one of the reasons was the visitors did not want to miss modern machinery with hi-technology and innovation and their demonstrations brought by leading producers and distributors from around the world. This regional industrial fair boasted again success in attracting at least 29,102 industrialists, business operators, business owners, traders and the general public locally and from overseas as a center stage for trades, business and industrial technology.
In this year fair, more than 1,200 booths of exhibitors covered the exhibition space of 20,000 square-meters with over 600,000 items of industrial goods and services presented and sold in the special prices and promotions. Following the 4-day event, there have been trades and investments worth approximately 545 million baht on machines, equipment, tools, technologies and services as well as related businesses from exhibitors and buyers. And more of new and further business and trades networks happened in the fair.
Since the officially opening of ASEAN Community at the end of December last year, many Thai industries have been gearing itself up not just because they aimed for new targets and expand business in the neighbouring countries. But they have been aware of more competitions in their current domestic markets that are likely to attract their cross –the-borders competitors, too. And Thailand Industrial Fair has remained a top reliable stage they can trust for plenty of new ideas, new technologies and trend updates. With modern and high quality machines, equipment and tools as well as related services and latest technologies available in the fair, they could confidently get the right answers and elevate their competitiveness in the current and future high competitive market.
Moreover, many visitors participated in a lot of exciting activities both inspiring and beneficial for their businesses. A lot of exciting activities included Thailand Robot Fighting Competition with creative ideas for industrial use for robots in a new dimension, seminars and trainings on new and current industrial strategies and technology to boost up business and demonstrations of hi-tech machines and equipment in this year fair. Thailand Industrial Fair 2016 cooperating with a number of respectable organizations and professional associations also offered soft loans and a good opportunity for creative small and medium enterprises to show off their creativity and business effort so they could receive financial grants for their innovative product and service.