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Competition in various industries today has grown even more high. Whether in the country and abroad. Therefore, packaging machinery and packaging technology plays an important role in the industry. By beginning with the invention or design to create new things Creating innovations in various industrial sectors In order to increase the capacity to meet the needs of the market. Manufacturers need to use various technologies to help in the industry for production that is quality and meets the needs of consumers as much as possible.
Packaging Machinery & Technology

Packaging Machinery in TIF 2020

Packaging industry, packaging technology and packaging design is another help in the image of the product in order to be unique to that product. At the show you will meet packaging machine to help your food business be better.

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  • Packaging Technology

The technology used in the package design is divided into 3 main parts which are

1. The packaging technology to help design the two devices together is the Hardware and Software to help in product design. Graphic design May include product development in various forms. Software used in today’s design has been developed into a 3D format to make it easier to check for accuracy and communication that is easier to understand. Or can produce a sample work to see the appearance of that product.

2. Production packaging technology and printing are used in label printing. To be used for packaging boxes, cosmetic bottles or cosmetic bags for food and many other industries. The printing technology is in many forms such as offset printing, Gravure printing And flexo printing. At present, printing equipment and tools are modern and high-tech in order to obtain beautiful colors and attract the needs of consumers.

3. Packaging technology the amount of packaging that is currently produced or packed may not yet be using the current demand quantity only. The selection of machinery is therefore important to support future production and must work well with packaging materials. In the field of conveying, unloading, packing or other functions correctly and quickly.

Packaging Machinery and packaging technology are part of the marketing process, because nowadays, various companies has developed products and services until the quality is equal to almost every brand. Therefore, marketers have turned to focus on packaging. By developing forms of packaging to help with the storage, sales, marketing, advertising, and packaging, the market has played an increasing role. Good and suitable packaging design will help the distribution process, transportation and distribution of the products proceed well, convenient, fast and economical.

Another thing that is indispensable is the preservation of the environment in today’s society. Consumers are doubly interested in packaging. Consumers, in addition to the need for the exterior beauty of the package still need environmentally friendly packaging also.

Packaging design needs to consider the ability to reduce the amount of used packaging. This demand has created a social wave in developed countries. As a result, products shipped for distribution in these countries must comply with the environmental regulations of that country. With for example In Germany, for recycling cardboard boxes, consumers only bring inner packaging, such as bottles containing goods to take home. The outer box will be resold to the seller for reuse. This relatively new recycling program helps to preserve natural resources in the near future.

Reference: Packaging technology and design by Assistant Professor Dr. Siriporn Peter
: Product development and package design

Compiled by : Acting Police Chief Chiraphong Hong Samart

Packaging Technology
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