Material Handling & Logistics

Showcasing modern material handling machinery, equipment as well as new technologies of logistics systems and solutions

The digital economy and the age of e-commerce booming, pushing logistics to play a greater role.

Material Handling and Logistics at the Show!

  • Prepare to meet with  material handling and logistics technology innovation,  Warehouse Management System,  Transport and Logistics for general products  and temperature controlled products .
  • Meet the ultimate automation warehouse unmanned intelligent transportation operating system. Be dazzled with many material handling and logistics Solutions.
  • View a demo of the Logistics Robot, forklift demo, storage and warehouse management systems, ERP solutions, GPS tracking to use in the entire supply chain.

Material Handling & Logistics Lists

  • Chains
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Conveyor Belts & System
  • Forklift Truck and Parts
  • Hoist & Cranes
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Pallet, Container
  • Shelving and Racking System
  • Storage Equipment
  • Warehousing System

Material Handling & Logistics Products

At the exhibition TIF 2020 in our Feature Zone of Material Handling & Logistics you will meet with Chains, Commercial Vehicles, Conveyor Belts & System, Forklift Truck and Parts, Hoist & Cranes, Material Handling Equipment, Pallet, Container, Shelving and Racking System, Storage Equipment, Warehouse System

Material Handling & Logistics
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