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Display zone Appliance in paint and car care workshops You will experience technology and innovation, tools and equipment needed in a paint shop. Including paint spraying system. Famous and reliable brands from top producers and distributors gather here to meet and serve business operators directly alongside exciting activities, such as a presentation on modern car painting systems.

New Normal Way accelerating service robot market

Having to admit that in the past, Covid robots have been used for medical help to prevent the spread of the virus, but behind Covid robots there is an important role for the service sector. Especially department stores, coffee shops, cinemas in the reception service Provide information to customers As well as accepting orders To reduce the avoidance of touch Enhance safety and hygiene in accordance with the Social Distancing measures.

The Expressway Authority of Thailand has declared the cost of the coastal port (Terminal A)

Lieutenant Kamolsak Phromprayoon, Director of the Port Authority of Thailand, revealed that the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) has opened a coastal terminal service. (Pier A) at the Laem Chabang Port (LCP) officially since February 2020, since the Laem Chabang Port has no specific coastal terminal.

NIA accelerates the transition to the digital economy era. To the data economy era

National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA reveals the role of data driven innovation that the government needs to adapt to operations, including increasing the efficiency of public services. Helping with decision making and data validation

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BITEC determines to comply with the public health measure during the spreading period of such dangerous contagious disease to prevent, monitor and control the epidemic strictly emphasizing on health and safety of the customers, staff and visitors.

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