Boost up your business in Thailand’s manufacturing industry 4.0
by joining Thailand Industrial Fair 2018.
Highlight Zone
Live Machinery Demonstration
Enjoy demonstrations of various machines, tools and equipment with latest industrial technologies and get all answers directly from local and foreign operators. Also presented are storage and logistics systems, industrial electrical equipment, and knowledge about machinery use and maintenance.
Forklift DEMO
Top logistics providers are ready to demonstrate the ability and efficiency of their quality products and services with full function. Visitors can also check on and shop from a long list of special promotions available only in the Fair.
Industrial Robot Showcase
Presentations of robots, automatic technology and machinery by top operators are awaiting all visitors to show how these can increase ability and productivity in business and the whole industry.
Material Handling & Logistic Showcase
Enhance your business capability with modern automatic and logistics systems, innovative transport equipment and tools for factory and storage work.
– “Transformation Road to Logistician” : An educating stage to help prepare you to be ready for “logistician 4.0” by using updated digital technology activities in logistics management .
Printech& Garment Machine
Get updated on embroidery and sewing technology, and all kinds of printing technology and equipment through several exciting demonstrations and testing in the Fair. Meet the experts to show how you can make your career by going DIY with sewing machine.
– A seminar on modern printing work and technology by the experts in this industry.

Meet Thai SMEs with 100 innovations supported by Office of National Innovation (NIA) through the project of i-nnovate for Thailand 4.0 , which helps turn technologies into assets. In the Fair, any Thai SMEs operators with innovative ideas are invited to join the NIA’s “innovation coupon” project to turn their idea into commercial product or service with up to 1,500, 000 Baht state funds.
Get all answers about welding business in the workshops by Welding Institute of Thailand, King Mongkut Univerity of Technology, North Bangkok
Consultation clinic for welding work is available in the Fair together with
guidelines and practices to help welders and supervisors better understand welding work and standards and apply to work. See you at workshop activities in TIF 2018
All about CNC from basic knowledge to best application
Visit the Fair’s center of information sources and consultative service about CNC machinery use for maximum benefit. This will help operators make better decisions on purchasing any CNN machine for their operation and applying CAD/CAM/CAE system
to their existing production system properly, speedily and economically, while meeting international standards.
!! Get great advice in dept for investment opportunity from business consultants. Free only in the Fair.
To help enhance competition ability for SMEs and operators, and interested visitors, BSC service center has experts and consultants get ready to give suggestion and advice in management, production, technology, finance, business opportunity, and more. This service supported by Department of Industrial Promotion is free of charge.
Click! SMES to digital market
Join various activities by TMB for SME operators to learn and gain benefit through digital marketing. TMB helps promote Thai SMEs’ ability development to be ready for the world’s digital trade and offers loans for SMEs in the Fair.
For SMEs, Soft loan project for machinery replacement and production improvement
For SMEs operators, get a soft loan for buying any new machines today by joining Soft Loan Project offered by SMEs Bank.
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